Who We Are

The Quality Process Difference: We Get the Job Done.

More than 20 years ago, software architect Brad Silen had seen one-too-many software development projects meet a slow, painful death due to lack of strategic direction, poor planning, and clumsy execution. He knew there was a better way. A smarter, more efficient way. Recognizing that computer science was the science of managing complexity, Silen developed an approach to complex software projects took human nature into account, and focused on crisp, clear, “same-page” communication. Driven by a dedication to quality, supported by solid process, and relentlessly determined to develop software that actually launched, Quality Process was born.

Today, businesses must confront an uncertain future.

New markets present new challenges and new opportunities. Untested technologies offer promise and peril in equal measure. Competitors are after market share. Developing new business initiatives and leveraging existing ones in today’s environment is complicated and chaotic.

This is exactly where Quality Process can make a difference.

We assemble an A Team of engineers, project mangers, developers and designers. Instead of wasting time and money exploring uncertain and untested development pathways, we deploy a time-tested, rock solid process that takes each project through a proven, step-by-step development plan. Crisp communication, clear deliverables, reliable milestones, a reality-based schedule and frequent project reviews provide Quality Process clients with control, clarity and confidence.