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Human Resource Surveys


Thelander produces HR surveys for venture capital companies in the process of purchasing startups. Our challenge: replace outmoded spreadsheets with accurate data collection tools. To help collect up-to-date, detailed reports on salary, bonuses, and equity compensation, Thelander required accurate data presented in reports that were quick to generate and easy to understand.


Buy, don’t build. Instead of an expensive proprietary solution, we helped our client save money by suggesting an inexpensive alternative that used off the shelf tools.


Put in place a process that enabled efficient, accurate and scalable data collection for a company experiencing rapid growth. Instead of chasing data around trying to stamp out errors, we built a tool that tested the data and flagged it so it could examined more closely. Auditing the data resulted in clean, useful, accurate data, which in turn resulted in clean, useful, accurate reports. And that meant satisfied customers for our client. Beginning with a better survey tool, we built automated tools that allowed Thelander to use their familiar workflow to create better reports in less time.