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Turning Data into Dollars

Media Tracking & Analytics System for Adverting Agency



For online ad agencies, data is their lifeblood. With multiple streams of digital and non-digital media data coming into this Bay Area ad agency every day, they needed a better way to track this data and translate it into useful reports for team members and clients. Their director of analytics asked Quality Process for a reporting system that could streamline the data collection process, reduce overhead, and consolidate their multiple streams of data.


You don’t have a data analytic problem, you have a workflow and data hygiene problem, and you certainly don’t want to manage another database.


Data is money. Turn data into information, package and sell it, creating an additional revenue stream. Using D3, an open source javascript data visualization tool, Quality Process set up a data collection system that filtered the efforts of multiple departments, and transformed them into meaningful, beautiful reports for the agency and their clients. To extend the power of our app, we generated a responsive design so the data analytics package could be viewed on smart phones, tablets and laptops. With cleaner data generating reliable reports, the agency was able to monetize their data collection and reporting system, in the process turning data into a valuable product that looked great on any screen.