Our Work

Strengthening the Links in the Food Supply Chain

Local, Organic, Food Distribution System


Farm to table. Sounds simple. Yet the logistics of delivering fresh food from local organic farms to customers is surprisingly complex. To ensure our client could deliver food at peak freshness, we had to create a database that would filter and browse produce by availability, ranked by an by eco-friendliness score that included metrics like food miles traveled.


Create an online dating service that matches organic farmers with restaurant buyers. Bring the process, logistics, and rigor of Big Ag to the little guy, enabling small organic farmers to ship local produce at peak ripeness.


We started with a database that let farmers post their crop availability along with a unique description, price, and certification. Buyers could find seasonal, fresh produce and make choices confident that the food they choose was available for that night’s meal. Simple filters let purchasers sort the results by category, producer, food miles traveled, certification, and delivery date. We designed our database and matching engine with the intelligence to generate a timely pick list for the farmer, and a secondary pick and pack list for the distributor. This became the basis for an integrated shipping and invoice system, which included additional system reports.