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Smarter Buildings See the Light

Eco Lighting Advisor Simulations


It’s a fact: large-scale office buildings are insatiable energy hogs. We had to convince architects they could achieve their design goals while helping them visualize an energy saving strategy. Instead of a spreadsheet, we created a tool that would allow architects, owners, engineers and interior designers to choose an energy efficient lighting scheme and see the office environment that results.


Spend wisely for impact. A more efficient use of “programmer bucks” up front enables content experts to create more and better simulations on the back end. By visualizing the results, end users can understand the options they need to save energy and money.


Quality Process created an interactive interface for the Eco Advisor app to visually demonstrate the energy savings available from a range of efficient lighting options. We separated the content from the code to create a presentation layer independent of engineering. We designed the workflow so our app would look for and load the available content for deployment. Instead of columns of numerical inputs and outputs, this tool enabled “before and after” realizations of lighting conditions. As a result, clients could visualize the impact on their office environment and calculate the savings they could expect.

The data-driven software architecture allows lighting designers and architects to easily update a presentation by dropping in their own renderings and Excel spreadsheets. Employing the most advanced Adobe tools available, a library of specialized controls enables end-users to experiment with side-by-side comparisons of various lighting conditions. Output included the candlepower per square inch required to meet the regulations for lighting commercial workspace.  By representing the workspace, designers could preview the impact of their decisions with a design tool that supported their aesthetic choices and their commitment to save energy.