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When You Need Medical Help, You Can’t Afford to be Put on Hold

Healthcare Hotline and Call Center


In a medical crisis, you might only get one phone call – so it had better be the right one. Using a sophisticated call center, this start-up aims to provide one-touch dialing that connects patients to their medical providers. To make sure this was a seamless process, we developed a fail-safe workflow that included retailing, onboarding of new customers, and call center protocols. And additional technical challenge was to design the system to support callers without Internet access so they could connect using land lines—while still keeping costs down.


Make the software work harder so the hardware could be manufactured at less cost per unit.


Biomedical devices are the ultimate mashups, combining centralized systems, complex databases, HIPPA regulations, hardware and firmware, and call centers where top-flight training is a must. Quality Process began by guiding the client through a rational, milestone-driven design process that identified the workflow that best matched their business model. We created wireframes and designs for call center and customer relations screens. With rigorous staff training requirements in mind, we engineered a phone voice response system (IVR) with the ability to be integrated with medical devices and call centers. Using a scalable, high volume deployment strategy, we solved previous distribution channel issues to deliver a system that not only set a new industry standard, but more importantly, saved lives, too.