Technology to Change the Way You Do Business

All technology is not created equal. At Quality Process we are technology neutral. We choose the right tools and software for each customer and their project. We dive deep into our client’s business needs to understand their objectives, their audience, their delivery platform, their target hardware, the problems they are trying to solve. Only then do we recommend the optimal technology to use.

Tools build solutions.

We build custom solutions based on client needs. Because each need is different, the technology we use will vary. A wise man once said, “When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” That’s why we keep a lot of tools in our toolbox.

If your business requires a mobile presence, we can design apps specifically for iOS or Android, or build a flexible platform in HTML5. If you need a big data solution we look at all your options, from open source tools like Hadoop to running SQL queries on Google’s BigQuery. And if you require a custom solution, we’re ready to roll our own using proprietary tools we’ve built over two decades in the industry.

Teams build tools.

Even the greatest tools are nothing without the people who know how to use them. Rock star programmers with zero attitude. Designers who act like strategists. Business analysts who think in code. Our engineers and designers can make a difference from big-picture strategy to line-by-line programming.

We see what’s coming.

New tools. New technologies. New solutions. To find the best ways to solve our clients’ business problems demands we stay on the cutting edge of technology. Whether its big data analytics or the latest mobile app, social enterprise networks, or content management systems, we are constantly looking for smarter ways to solve your toughest challenges.