The Future is Uncertain. Our Design Process Endures.

We know design trends change as they adapt to technology breakthroughs. So if this month the development community is buzzing about responsive design, and next month geo-fencing services are all the rage, rest assured we have a design process that’s capable of handling whatever the future throws at us.

Design built on process.

We don’t just design products and deliver projects, we design the fundamental process that supports every step in our design workflow, from definition to delivery. As we approach a new project, we put in place rigorous methodology that ensures each step obtains a clear objective, can be estimated accurately, and produces measureable results. Most importantly we design each step to enable progression to the next step. This reliance on implementation allows us to avoid roadblocks, move forward, and focus on what is most essential: delivering the breakthrough products our clients expect.

Design based on business needs.

Innovative design solutions begin with a solid process. Our process begins with research. We work hard to understand each client needs. Based on what we discover, we apply insight, analysis, and hard-won expertise to every situation. We think strategically, take a wide-open look at the business landscape, then drill down to the details. From start to finish, every step in the design process has the outcome in mind.

Design builds clarity.

Design means more than pretty pixels and whizzy technology. It means defining and agreeing on the project scope, the audience, the deliverables, the look, feel, and functionality of the final product. It’s a methodical process. Each step generates buy-in, creates clarity, and enables the next. We continually build in what we learn from prototyping, usability testing, feedback, and client reviews to improve the next iteration, to lay the groundwork for successful product development.

Design that brings your brand to life.

We implement design to leverage the power of your brand, consistently across every consumer touchpoint. If your brand is moving to the interactive world, we maintain brand equity by retaining the same recognizable, consistent look and feel consumers know and trust. For companies that exist purely in the digital realm we can build a brand identity that creates value, carves out a unique position in a crowded environment, and attracts loyal users.

Design generates results.

Rigorous design, built on a solid foundation, and based on an enduring process generates products and projects faster, and more affordably. At Quality Process we believe that good design should meet the needs of your market, grow your business, and generate tangible results.