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Using Water Wisely

Open Source Lawn Watering App for Tablets


In drought-prone areas, using fresh, clean water to create a green yard may not be the wisest use of a scarce resource. We needed an open source solution that made use of “greywater” (household waste water from dishwashing, laundry, and bathing) as an irrigation source and combine it with a system that takes the weather into account to prevent waste.


Make every last drop count. Tapping into open source weather information that accounts for evapotranspiration (how plants emit moisture) provides a more intelligent way to water our lawns.


Quality Process developed Open Source Rain, an app that transformed the iPad into a greywater control center using off-the-shelf components, including a router that was converted into a computer running Linux. This enabled access to a large library of open source weather data that could be combined with a greywater irrigation systems to manage the watering of lawns in climate-sensitive areas. Using high technology and plant science we found a way to preserve resources, lower our water bills, and create welcoming, relaxing outdoor environments.