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When You Turn Fundraising into a Game, Everyone Wins

Philanthropic Game Platform


Environmental activists were finding it increasingly difficult to connect with a new generation of donors. Millennials expect to interact using mobile and social media, not old school “big tent” philanthropic events that typically bring together a cause, a corporation and a celebrity, and which incur fundraising costs as high as 30 cents on the dollar. Our challenge was to create a platform that brought mobile and social media to philanthropies while lowering the overhead costs for cause-related fundraising.


Gamify the fundraising experience, then amplify impact by extending it to social and mobile platforms so each player could challenge their friends to contribute to their cause.


We designed a flexible gaming platform that enables environmental activists to identify a cause and a way for participants to contribute, by spreading the word, getting their friends to join, and by making donations. With leaderboards that invoked a spirit of friendly competition, we gamified fundraising. Then we took it a step further, to extend the experience to social and mobile platforms. Individuals could join, play, and most importantly invite their friends, thus amplifying the impact of each cause. Funders could create mini-campaigns, then leverage the value of their content to Twitter and Facebook where they could promote their cause and connect with like-minded friends.