Our Work

Armchair Travel Game for Gnomes on the Roam

Online Community for Traveling Action Figures


How do you capitalize on the craze of garden gnomes photographed in exotic locations? A community of enthusiasts wanted to create an engaging online gaming experience using a set of numbered toys that they could mail around the world and then upload their photos and the stories behind them. That’s when Quality Process came on board.


Games are hard work. Online gaming demands a schedule and budget designed to build and release games quickly, then fine tune on the fly for maximum playability.


We combined workflow with game play to create a play pattern document that defined every interaction of our end users as they played the game. Once we nailed the play pattern, we rolled out the game so users could begin playing the game. Based on what we learned, we fine tuned the gameplay, then designed a public website that tracks the travels of each numbered gnome, complete with photos and stories added by players. Supported by a backend using PhP, AJX, MySQL and Linux to manage the individual accounts of community members, we consolidated gaming screens and community forum into a single, easily navigable site that can be used by players of any age.